Dr. Gary Meller

Dr. Gary Meller has developed multispecialty group practices, founded managed care companies, and has helped to create innovative technology for health care care and medical education.  Gary was one of the early developers of urgent care centers in the US. He built a chain of ambulatory care centers in the Midwest and consolidated them in a regional network. Gary became the CEO of the Health Services Division of Humana Inc. one of the largest private hospital companies in the U.S., where he ran a network of 150 MedFirst ambulatory care centers in 17 major cities. He later founded the Broward Medical Group, which was merged into the Holy Cross Medical Group, a hospital based multispecialty group with over 30 locations, where Dr. Meller was the CEO.

He is a founding board member of QVL pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy retail company focusing on pain management.  Gary is an advisor to private equity funds on healthcare and biotechnology investments.  Dr. Meller received is medical degree from the University of New Mexico, completed is Internal Medicine residency training at McGill University, and later received is MBA from Harvard Business School.