Jeff Dulude


Jeffrey R. Dulude (1956-1993) was the loving son of Richard & Jean Dulude, brother to Jon & Joel Dulude, husband to Claudia Dulude, and father of Richard & Alexandra Dulude.



Born and raised in Upstate New York and New Hampshire, Jeff studied engineering for his undergraduate degree at Cornell University, and later pursued his MBA at Harvard, where he met his future wife, Claudia.


After business school, Jeff moved to Boulder, Colorado, married Claudia, and started a beautiful family. He raised Richard & Alex to love the outdoors and fall in love with his favorite sport — skiing.



Jeff was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1991, and died a much-too-quick two years later, at the young age of 37, after battling several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple neurosurgeries.

He was loved by many and will always be remembered for his technological brilliance, good sense of humor, and love for his family. He always loved the saying “Carpe Diem,” which has since become the Dulude family motto–and the inspiration for the way we live our lives.