Defeat Melanoma Launches ‘The Great American Screen Out!’

Defeat Melanoma, an initiative of the Jeff Dulude Melanoma Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of The Great American Screen Out! The purpose of the new program is to help make sunscreen accessible and readily available to camps, Little League teams, municipal recreation departments, and other outdoor organizations in 2017!

Sunscreen usage is proven to help prevent skin cancer, and when used as instructed, sunscreen can cut your chances of getting the disease by more than 50%. Defeat Melanoma hopes that by making sunscreen available to the masses, behaviors will change and people will regularly take measures to prevent this devastating disease.

“Ute Springs campers and counselors were very grateful to use the sunscreen throughout the summer at our summer camps,” Julie Norberg, the Ute Springs Experimental Learning Center’s Chief Development & Operations Officer, said of the impact made from a recent donation of sunscreen from Defeat Melanoma.

Starting at just $50, you can send a quart of Rocky Mountain brand, SPF 30 sunscreen to the 501(c)3 or other organization of your choice or allow us to fulfill the needs of many needy organizations.  The Great American Screen Out’s ultimate mission is to send out 1,000 quarts of sunscreen in 2017. Larger donations can also be made in increasing increments of $50, and all donations are also completely tax deductible! In addition to providing sunscreen and education, Defeat Melanoma will follow-up usage with market research so that we can understand how to do a better job of preventing melanoma!


Donate today to The Great American Screen Out! 

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