A Special Message from Miss America ’74

In the continuing fight to stop melanoma in its tracks, Defeat Melanoma (with the help of Waypoint Films) has teamed up with Miss America 1974 Rebecca Ann King, her daughter and Miss Colorado 2011 Diana Dreman Adkisson, and the Director of University of Colorado’s Melanoma Research Clinic Dr. Rene Gonzalez to create an informative — and emotional — PSA about sun safety.

“When I was diagnosed with melanoma, I was given five months to live. I thought I was going to die. I thought I wouldn’t see my kids through major milestones of their life,” Rebecca says in the video, recalling how she felt shortly after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

“Was it really worth getting a tan?” the wife, mother, pageant queen, and melanoma survivor later asks, begging the question to viewers about whether or not mainstream beauty standards (especially those facing young women) were really worth the personal turmoil cancer puts people and their families through.

The release of the video coincides with Melanoma Monday, which officially signals the start of Melanoma Month, a month-long event that seeks to raise awareness and bring an end to skin cancer’s deadliest, most fatal form.

“Miss America has given me a platform in which to end this unnecessary death of America’s, and the world’s, young men and women,” Rebecca continues, urging everyone to be sun-safe and stay far away from tanning beds. “As a former Miss America, and the mother of a former Miss Colorado, just don’t use a tanning bed to be beautiful. You don’t need to do that. You’re beautiful in your own skin.”

Watch the new PSA below, and keep following Defeat Melanoma for more information on Melanoma Month and how to keep practicing sun safety!

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