REMINDER: 1 Week Until Melanoma Monday!

Photo: Tomas Salas

May 2 is Melanoma Monday! Mark your calendars, because Melanoma Monday is exactly one week from today!

The first Monday in May is officially Melanoma Monday, a day in which many people and organizations across the entire country get together and dedicate their efforts to raising awareness about the dangers of skin cancer’s deadliest form.

Everyone is encouraged to schedule a skin check on Melanoma Monday, especially since the disease accounts for 75% of all skin cancer deaths and (according to the American Cancer Society) there will be over 76,000 newly diagnosed cases of melanoma in this country in this year alone.

The beginning of May also signifies the start of National Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, a month-long initiative where people are urged to practice many forms of preventative safety in order to stay as healthy and cancer-free as possible.

Melanoma is easily preventable, and one of the easiest ways to to make sure you never have to worry about it is by practicing sun safety, and there are plenty of sun safety guidelines on Defeat Melanoma’s new website!

There are only 7 days left to plan news and media coverage for Melanoma Monday! For any ideas related to stories about melanoma, contact Defeat Melanoma’s founder Claudia Dulude at 602-228-9939.

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