Vine Stars Jack & Jack Help Defeat Melanoma Go Viral!

With the help of singers and social media superstars Jack & Jack, Defeat Melanoma — an initiative of the Jeff Dulude Melanoma Foundation — has officially gone viral!

Using Vine, the app that propelled Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky to stardom in the first place, the two Omaha natives helped raise awareness to the dangers of skin cancer in a fun and useful video that has garnered over 784,000+ plays (aka “loops”) since it’s release. Commissioned as a way to help garner attention to the annual Defeat Melanoma Video Contest, Jack & Jack’s awesome vine proves one thing — the power of the web is an awesome tool that helps in the fight to end skin cancer’s most deadliest form. And you can help continue the fight.

Defeat Melanoma is pushing to get Jack & Jack’s special Vine to over 800,000 loops so that as many people as possible can realize that yes, melanoma can — and often does — happen to anyone. Watch Jack & Jack’s Vine here, and share it to your friends and family on all of your social media networks on Facebook and Twitter! Together, we can help stop skin cancer in its tracks!

To learn more about Jack & Jack, visit their official website!

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