FDA Announces New Tanning Bed Regulations

According to a recent report published Friday from NBC News, the Food and Drug Administration has announced a new proposal that would ban anyone under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning beds.

NBC also reports that the move, which is unprecedented in this day and age, would require anyone over the age of 18 who is planning to patronize a tanning salon to sign waivers warning them of the many risks of using indoor tanning beds, the likes of which include skin cancer, and its deadliest form melanoma.

“This is a big step for public policy in the prevention of skin cancer. A pat on the back to the FDA for making the right call on tanning beds,” said Claudia Dulude, Defeat Melanoma’s founder, in a statement. “We won’t be content until every tanning bed is unplugged.”

Indoor tanning has been linked to more than 419,000 cases of skin cancer in the US each year, reports SkinCancer.org. Of those cases, 245,000 are basal cell carcinomas, 168,000 are squamous cell carcinomas, and 6,200 are melanomas.

The general public has 90 days to comment on the FDA’s proposal using their official regulations website.

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