Defeat Melanoma Joins Arizona Gives Day

Defeat Melanoma, a campaign of the Jeff Dulude Melanoma Foundation, joins Arizona Gives Day for the first time! Sponsored by the Arizona Community Foundation, Arizona Gives Day will take place on April 7, 2015 and is a special yearly event with the sole mission to support non-profits in Arizona that are striving to make stronger and better communities.

With your donation to Defeat Melanoma, you will be helping prevent melanoma in Arizona through many different special projects, the likes of which include:

  • Creating awareness on college campuses, like Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, of the dangers of skin cancer. (We also provide educational materials, sunscreen, and skin checks.)
  • Providing baseball caps and sunscreen to school sports teams in Arizona.
  • Providing support to melanoma patients.
  • Acting as skin cancer activists against tanning salons and excessive sun exposure.
  • Building protective sun structures in parks and fields.
  • Sponsoring an annual, national PSA Video Contest on the dangers of UV exposure.

Get involved and please donate to our work! Thank you!

For more information, visit the Arizona Community Foundation’s website here!

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